Monday, July 18, 2011

This one's a ripper!

My friend Zack plays in a band called Kill Disco (they're very cool, you should check them out), and Zack totally rocks out my brooches whenever he can. He wears the blue ipod a LOT. *Thanks Zack!*

So I thought I would make him a brooch that would represent his band.... and this is what came out.

Pretty damn awesome if you ask me.

I think Im going to add this one to the Rock n Roll collection. I guess it could work for Halloween too.
A brooch with so many uses. Nice.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Sneak Peek!

Ok, so I did say I was going to give you all a sneak peek of my newest range of brooches that Im working on ... so here it is ....

Wait for it .... drum roll please .....

Incase you need a hint - thats the Rolling Stones' logo vibe :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Heather's Leathers at The Fringe on Kloof

I am so very excited to announce that Heather's Leathers brooches are now available at The Fringe Arts on Kloof Street, Cape Town!

Its been a day I've been waiting to announce for ages, so Im so glad that is finally here.

Such a great quirky store filled the most unique, local design - most of it handmade! There is something there for everyone! Every time I go into the store, I want to walk out there with everything!

So do yourselves a favor and check out the new store at 99B Kloof Street, Cape Town, or pop on over to The Fringe Arts Facebook page. You will NOT be disappointed!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Necklace for your ... well ... neck ...

I always enjoy making gifts for my friends for their birthdays. It was my friend Audrey's birthday this past weekend. She is a graphic designer and owns her own jewelry line called Papillon Belle (beautiful, check it out!) Her business cards have the most beautiful birdcage on it - with laser cutting - absolutely stunning! So in honor of her beautiful design that she did a number of years ago, I thought I would make her a birdcage necklace!

My very first Heather's Leathers necklace I have to say. It was kind of an experiment, but Im pleased to say that it came out really well. Im not sure if Im going to be making a mass of these just yet though for resale, but its fun to try new things. I'll see how it goes, and maybe I'll dabble a little more :)

But for now, here are a couple of pics of Audrey's birdcage necklace:

Sunday, July 10, 2011

There's a bunny on my paw

How cute is this little bunny ring?!?!

My friend Celeste got it for me. How awesome is she! I've been wearing it all of today, and couldnt resist posting up a pic. Its too cute not to share :)

Hope everyone's had a great sunny weekend! You wouldnt say it was the middle of winter, right? Lets hope this week keeps it up.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Market Best Sellers!

I thought it might be interesting to note what the 2 best selling brooches were of the market day!
Any guesses? ....

Here they are :)

Favourite Things Winter Fair!

Wow, what a weekend! Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who braved the weather and came out to the market on Saturday! It was such a great afternoon with loads of lovely things on sale. I wanted to walk out with something from every stall, everything was amazing. It was a great success and achievement for Heather's Leathers, as it was my first market. Thank you to all who bought brooches - you made my day!

I met some wonderful people at the market, customers and other sellers alike. One of which was Leila from Bow Peep. Such beautiful things she makes! She uses fabric, ribbon and fabric covered buttons to make her creations. And she makes brooches! How cool - brooches AND buttons! Two of my favorite things :) If I had the money, I would have bought everything off her table! I did however, get the most gorgeous brooch made by Leila herself! Make sure you check out her website!

I took a couple of snaps before the market started and the madness ensued :) Here are a couple of my favorites:

Me at my stand

My gorgeous brooch from Bow Peep

Bow Peep Stand

Papilon Belle Butterfly jewellery

Vintage Tea Cup Candles

Baby Rattles made from Felt

Essie Stationary

Jack jewellery

Me with Kerry (the brains behind Favourite Things)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Market Time!

Sjoe! This week has flown by! But at least its been a productive one. I had a stamp made of the Heather's Leathers logo, and I just want to stamp it everywhere! But so far, Ive managed to restrain myself to just my rad new, homemade, natural packaging :) I have to say that Im really pleased with the results - I think they look great. Hopefully you all will think so too.

I have made quite a bit of stock for the Favourite Things Market happening tomorrow, so please come through if you get a chance, its going to be great! Its from 2 - 5pm, so you can still have a nice long sleep in, at Unit 7, Wembley Studios in Gardens. It is an indoor venue, so if it does rain, we'll be completely covered and icy-wind free! There will also be credit card facilities available for those of you who travel cash-free like me, ha ha.

So looking forward to it! Going to be working on my final touches tonight to get it all ready for tomorrow :) Here are a couple of sneak peaks into whats going to be available and also my lovely new packaging!