Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hairclip Challenge

My boyfriend's sister asked me a little while ago to create some fun hairclips for her out of her old clips that the embellishing had broken off. Naturally, I took the challenge. And I have to say, Im pretty proud of the result. I think Im going to have to start making more of them and put them up for sale :)

What do you think of these? They're made on the metal clips that you pinch to open (if that makes sense at all....)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Button Bonanza!

I stumbled upon a little store in Willow Bridge yesterday that sells beads and craft things. I popped in to have a squizz and found that they had bags and bags of assorted buttons! I went crazy and bought 10 bags!
If you didn't know already, I LOVE buttons. They are actually what started off my creations, as I started making button earrings and moved to leather/button brooches from there.

I felt so inspired last night after my button purchase that I had to make a pair of earrings for old times sake :) I haven't made earrings in a while actually - think Im going to make a whole bunch more! So let me know know if you're interested in a pair - will post pics soon.

In the meantime - here's the pair I made last night ... and I'm wearing today :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Paternoster Love

Last weekend my boyfriend and I went for a much needed weekend away, to one of our favourite places - Paternoster! After the last few months, both of us just needed to get out of the city for some R&R and there's nothing quite like being right next to the sea. Christoff has that awesome lomograph app on his iPhone so we went to town with our pictures - I think that thing was glued t
o my hand!

But I really wanted to share some of my favourite pics - there are so many so it was so difficult to get down to these even....I even made myself a special brooch before the weekend. I love it so much I've worn it everyday - see if you can spot it in the pics :)

To more weekends away!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

VIXXEN baby!

I recently entered a craft competition that VIXXEN magazine was holding. The prizes included Iron Fist heels (which I absolutely LOVE), accessories from Koffin Kitten and a few other bits and bobs. I was soooooo keen on winning, so I designed a leather brooch inspired by my very own Iron Fist heels!

I unfortunately didn't win (bummer) but I did get a mention and a couple of pics in the April issue of the VIXXEN mag! Super stoked. Plus, at least I have a rad accessory to match my heels, with a variety of uses - I can even put it on my clutch bag :)