Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blackberry madness

Ok, so I gave in on Sunday and joined the Blackberry world. Only because I cannot afford an iPhone. One day though, I will have you my pretty....

But hey, Blackberrys aren't so bad. Im quite liking mine actually. Well, Im still getting used to it and figuring out all the buttons. Its far different to my old "Samsung-can-only-call-and-sms-non-smartphone". Ha ha.

And seeing as most of the Blackberry pouches / covers are pretty boring, I decided to make my own Heather's Leathers Blackberry pouch :) It features one of my new designs on the front - I sold a couple at the market on Saturday, but more about that later.

Im thinking, maybe Blackberry covers could be a new avenue for Heather's Leathers? What do you reckon? Im pretty damn proud of it :)


Leila said...

Please pimp out my boring cover for me?! Yours is very cool!

Lady Leather said...

Sure, no problem :) Thanks Leila! Im going to be making some soon, just busy working out the pricing ... watch this space :)

michness said...

So nice! Are all your products real leather? xxx

Lady Leather said...

Thanks Michness! Yes, they are all real leather :) I do use some buttons, fabric and ribbon in some pieces as accents, but all the bases and mojority of all the designs are 100% leather. x

Allan said...

Good Blackberry covers. The material is good. I will buy them :)



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